Tuesday, April 10, 2012

M. A. R. Barker event planning continues...

Planning for the M. A. R. Barker memorial event continues; The Missus is busy scanning slides taken by the Professor for a slide show / Powerpoint presentation. The working title is "M. A. R. Barker, a life in pictures", and it will use some of the thousands of slides that the Professor took throughout his amazing life. The more mundane aspects of the event, such as centerpieces for the tables, fabrics, and the like are all well in hand; we have something like 150 years of convention running experience amongst us, and we're using it to make sure that this clambake runs smoothly. It's the least we can do for Phil and Ambereen...

(Extra points if you can guess who these two gits playing with my miniatures on Phil's green-carpeted ping-pong ball table are; Phil took this picture in 1979.)


  1. Sounds like the memorial will be quite an event, as it should be.

    Is that you and Victor in that pic???

  2. I concur with El Grego. I have managed to solve my work conflict, and will see you at the memorial.

  3. Thank you Chirine. I do mean thank you. Had a wonderful time at the annual 4th of July party listening to stories and going through the Professor's old college notebooks. The drawing of Baron Ald made when Phil was in High School or College still haunts me. Wonderful things there in the making !!!

    If you need help with the Urdu and Devanagari, I can give the transliterations. I will practice up, so I can read faster than I did that day.

    Tekunu hi'Qolyelmu