Sunday, July 29, 2012

The High Cost of Weddings, These Days...

    In honor of the various milestones we're observing, we thought we'd play out the wedding of one of the players in miniature. As might be expected, quite a few guests showed up for the event, what with everyone inviting their friends and then the friends inviting their friends, and so on and so on. Thoughtfully, the stalwart Nlyss had his cousins bring not only the ceremonial Wedding Tent of his ancestors (visible at the far end of the table) but also both of the heirloom Battering Rams of his Ebbridda ancestors; the Priest of Thumis brought a ladder, in case somebody wanted to elope, and everyone else brought refreshments. The idea was to have a mock storming of the palace to allow the groom to claim his brides (three, due to clan politics) and - as might have been expected - things did get a little out of hand...

The game table for the Wedding Ritual of Storming the Palace, with the groomsmen out in the courtyard and the bridesmaids beyond the gates in ambush. The table is 30" wide, and 180" long, with the Ceremonial Dragon Barge assembled by the Tinaliya in the palace pool at the far end. No expense spared for this wedding!

The major-domo asks the groomsmen with the battering ram for their invitations. With predictable results, given that the Nlyss were all drunk and eager to get to grips (as it were) with the bridesmaids.

The best men chatting up the bridesmaids, the rogues!
During the discussion, the boys discovered (the hard way) that the bridesmaids were all from the temple guards of the Temples of Dilinala and Avanthe; luckily, the bridesmaids had all been drinking the Vriddi Lord's stock of inexpensive wines and had mislaid their Ritual Snippers.

The best men in action, just before the bridesmaids counter-attacked. The staff-slingers were particularly ineffective as melee troops, by the way.

A very good time was had by all, both on and off the table, and the use of more or less non-lethal weapons kept the casualties down to a minimum. The Priestess of Ksarul was kind enough to allow the use of her genetically-modified lab assistants to fly the groom over the melee to the Ceremonial Barge, where he was presented to the waiting brides; they even dropped him on the barge, and not in the swimming pool...


  1. Gorgeous set up and good to see you posting again. How long is that table?!

    1. Sorry about the hiatus; too much stress and too much to do. Both are slowing down, which is one of the reasons we thought we'd do a little game...

      The table is 180 inches long, being three of our stock 30" x 60" tables placed end to end; this is a long linear scenario, based on the blueprints of the White Stone Clan's palace. Since the game room is only about ten feet wide, linear games like this one work very well. We have only a maximum of a 60" x 60" table, normally.

      The clan house, by the way, is a palace complex in Tamil Nadu that the Professor visited:

      and photos of the complex are available for viewing at:

      May I also suggest getting a copy of the superb guide to the city of Butrus? it's at:

      - chirine

  2. And a splendid time was had by all, from the opening of the groomsmen's war cry, "For Better or Worse", to the climactic aerial maneuvers. Thanks again for a marvelous day at the table, to be long remembered!

  3. Looks like I missed one hell of a good session!