Monday, August 13, 2012

A pause in the midst of the lift-and-carry...

Deborah Paget

A short pause, in the midst of a month of moving; all of the old shelves are now gone from the Professor's old third-floor library / office, and are now back up and doing their duty in the new offices of The Tekumel Foundation. I still have to move one-hundred and sixty-four boxes, weighing in at about three thousand pounds, but that's for the coming weekend. Unpacking? Well, that's for the last weekend of the month. Somebody's got to do it, and that's what being an Archivist is all about.

June Duprez

So, I hear you ask, who are these two lovely ladies? Surely, oh sages, you all remember the artwork done by Professor Barker in the 1950s of the wizard Nyelmu gazing upon the Princess Ma'in hi Tlakotani with his Globe of Distant Discernment? These two actresses were both in movies that the Professor had suggested to me, "Indian Tomb" by Fritz Lang (yes, that Fritz Lang!) and "Thief of Baghdad (1936)" by the Korda brothers. Have a look; you'll be amused...

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  1. Oh wow, yeah I can see it. I don't envy the unpacking, because..well...I am still unpacking after our own move.