Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Dawn Patrol, or, Beating the Incoming Rain...

Left to Right: The 42" x 42" lift plate for the Temple of Vimuha, the crates for the three castles (flat-packed) and the modular city wall set (built and on casters), and the newly refurbished box for the mighty Temple of Vimuhla itself.

We never sleep here at the Workbench, or so it seems. I was able to get all the remaining components for the crate system we'll need for the Professor's set of scale buildings done last night, and as we're looking at rain for the rest of the day I was up at dawn to move everything into the van for the trip to the office.

The Temple's box looks pretty good; I first built it for the Professor some thirty years ago, and I think the first photo that I have of it in action was taken by Dave Arneson at Origins at Dallas, Texas, in 1982. (This was after I traded Dave to another dealer at the convention for three dancing girls, much to Gary Gygax's later amusement; Dave didn't harbor any ill will, and thought that it was a fair trade.) I re-used all of the original plywood, and framed up the inside of the box with 2" x 2"; it will hold up the Temple nicely, especially with the new 1/2" lifting plate that I made to support the Temple's original 3/16" plywood base. It was all a lot of work, taking up all of my free time this week to get the job done in the back yard and dodge the week's rain and storms, but the hard part is now all done. I can move the boxes over to the office later, and move on to new projects.

Oh, and the Temple? For people who haven't seen it, check out my post of April of this year: