Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Elegy (part 2)

Thiolleb and her Nlyss; aren't they cute?

It's now been just over two weeks since The Incident, and I am happy to be able to report that I  don't seem to have any lasting damage to my brain. My memory cores are all intact, and have passed all the tests we can come up with regarding retention and accuracy. So, it look like the hard drives have all survived. Vision is almost back to 100%, allowing that I'm normally blind anyway, with a 20/400 level that's corrected by my soda-pop bottle lenses to 20/20. Motion and motor functions are also back to normal, with the usual proviso that I am both ambidextrous and dyslexic; I really have no 'left' and 'right', in the sense that normal people understand the usage, which threw the neurologists for a bit of a loop. (It may also not have helped that I have ten identical fingerprints, either; all of my pads have only two points of difference between them. Yes, I'm a walking, talking freak show.) I still have trouble typing, but then I always have had trouble typing; no new issues, here. I'm still reading at about 2,000 words per minute, with 95% comprehension and retention, so that's still at normal levels.

So, a lot of good news; I am able to steam about the house under my own power, I am cleared to eat anything I want to, and the doctors seem to be happy with the way the patient is recovering. So's the extended family; they had quite the scare, and we'd prefer not to do this again, thank you!

Given that proviso, there's a number of things that I am not going to be able to do for the foreseeable future:

No traveling. I'm good for about half an hour in the car, and that's it. I've had problems with motion sickness since I was a wee child, and it's now much worse.

No 'public appearences'. Sorry, but I can't afford to get my blood pressure up, and I just don't have the energy anymore. Stamina is way, way down, and I have to husband what strength I still have for the needs of daily life.

Limited Phone calls. I hate cell phones, I really do. I cannot take calls during my sleep periods or my work shifts; they take too much energy out of me, and really affect my ability to get on with a normal life. Please: e-mail, or come by on a game day; always e-mail first, as I may not be able to see unexpected guests.

Limited Internet access. See the previous comments on my blood pressure. Sorry.

I think this may be it for now. We had a truly great game session on Saturday, with Rob Leduc having people rolling up original EPT PCs. I had a wonderful time; took me right back to 1975, it did!

More later, when I get some more energy; thank you all, once again... - chirine