Sunday, October 28, 2012

Still breathing! A bit of fun on a Sunday morning, too!

Castle Tilketl gets the business from the Yan Koryani,
 a portion of from
"To Serve The Petal Throne", Volume III

This post is a bit of a makeshift, as I'm still recovering from the brain surgery after The Incident. I have an appointment tomorrow with the nice surgeon who operated on me, with the idea of evaluating my progress. I have also gotten the Workbench cleared off, and will be back to painting this coming week. Hurrah!!!

And, it should be noted, my faithful MacMini here on my desktop had it's own version of a stroke; the hard drive crashed about two weeks ago, and The Missus has finally managed to repair the damage and get me back on-line. Because she's good, she saved all the Tekumel files as well as all of the Aethervox materials that had been stored on the drive. And had it all backed up, too.

The only downsides in all of this good news are:

I get tired very, very easily. I am spending about ninety minutes in 'down time' for every sixty minutes in 'up time', and so my odd schedule has gotten even odder. Please try to reach me via e-mail, before you try my phone; I may very well not answer, given my lack of stamina. I am having some issues with things like being able to drive a car for more then an hour, so I am going to be pretty limited in what I can do for some time. I am also not able to lift more then about fifteen pounds, but that will change over time.

Posts here on the blog are going to be short, and possibly infrequent. As I say, I get tired very quickly, and typing on the computer really seems to run me out pretty quickly. Sorry!

The Mac Mini has lost most of the e-mail addresses I use to contact people. If you have e-mailed me in the past, and want me to e-mail you, please send me a short note with your e-mail address to help The Missus rebuild the files. Thanks!

Projects Status:

"To Serve The Petal Throne", my little attempt at telling the story of Chirine Ba Kal, is now up over 50,099 words in length. It seems that every time I sit down to tell another portion of the story, I come up with another 2,000 to 3,000 words. This has forced a huge reorganization of the book; what was originally going to be one volume has now been divided into five, which division happens to work out very well as Chirine's career falls into five pretty defined phases. If you are interested in having a look at the thing, let me know.

"Advance Standards!". the revision of my miniatures rules for Tekumel, "Qadardalikoi", is on hold for the moment while I continue to recover from The Incident. On the other hand, we did a bit of playtesting of some aspects of the new edition over the Labor Day holiday, before The Incident, and that went very well. I'll have more on this when I have the chance.

That's it for this morning; I worked a football game last night, and am pretty tired; I need the overtime I get from the games to help pay for the mounting bills from The Incident, sorry to have to say.

We'll survive; we're just going to be very, very tired for a long time...