Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hot Elf Chick - well, Hot Hyborean Chick, actually...

Right Side view. The plumes look a little tatty after thirty years.

The original figure had a Princess Leia- style bikini top that had to be filed off.

Left Side view; those plumes look even more tatty, don't they?

This view show off the conversion work. This was before green epoxy putty was available.

Her 'better side'. Maybe.

Portrait view; she's named after the NPC in the Butrus Gazatteer,
and is the daughter of the Mu'uglavyani Legate in Butrus.

This lady, a Mu'ugalavyani Priestess of Lord Hrsh, turns 32 this month, making her older then my oldest daughter. She's a conversion from the Ral Partha / RAFM "Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age" line, and I used to use her and her sisters for all sorts of Tekumel ladies back in Ye Olden Days. (She's also still available in her original form from Michael Thomas at Classic Miniatures; he bought the molds and the rights from RAFM, and makes really nice figures!!!) The plumes are from the Tsolyani General, the headdress from the top of the staff of the Priest of Hru'u, and her robes are paper stiffened with liquid styrene. Base is a 25mm round from Litko Aerospace.

[Edit: Yes, I know her skin tone is probably too light; I currently use the Model Masters' Acrylic #4707, "Earth Red", but she got painted a very long time ago. I matched the skin tones to my then-current girlfriend as a compliment; a smart person does this kind of thing when there's a Significant Other in the household.]

Her plumes also need to be touched up; the old Armory 'Yellow' has gotten really worn down by thirty-some years of gaming, and I think that when I paint Howard's new version of the subject I'll give this lady a bit of a make-over to bring her up to my current painting standards.

Old figures like this almost always have 'pillows' that they stand on, and I'm wondering if it might be worth it to counter-sink the Litko bases on the drill press to lower the figure on the base and give a more natural look. One argument against this is that the extra height of the 'pillow' helps these 25mm figures blend in on the table with the 28mm ones; another is the sheer number of figures I'd have to do this for!

Howard Fielding and The Tekumel Project are coming out with a version of this subject; I've seen the figure 'in the metal', and it looks great! Check out Howard at the link off to the left, if you would...