Friday, December 14, 2012

B'ak'tun Party, Blood Pressure, and other news...

On Saturday, December 22nd, I will be throwing a party to celebrate the 'ticking over' of the Mayan "Long Count" of time into a new b'ak'tun. This will be held concurrently with a Tekumel RPG session, so consider yourself warned.

Had several medical appointments yesterday, and as I was pretty stressed out yesterday afternoon my blood pressure was 180 over 120. This is a Very Bad Thing, and steps to deal with this are being taken.

This blog has a new 'page', listed with the other 'page' down below at the bottom of the left-hand column; this new page will list all of the stuff that is now left over from all of the failed, cancelled, and aborted projects that I was working on for the Tekumel Foundation and which are now redundant. I want to clear all this stuff out and get some room back in the house, so have a look and make me an offer I can't refuse. (Note: the 53" Sony projection TV was scrapped two weeks ago today, and is not going to be on the list.) Lots of lots of (bad pun, sorry!) electronics, display items, tools, and supplies that we'd been accumulating and simply don't need anymore.

I will be doing a long series of posts about the early days of RPGs and sundry other topics, thanks to Jim Harland of the "Harlandski" blog. (Link over to the left, thank you!) He e-mailed me some really good questions about Tekumel and RPGs, and I will be posting our conversations for your amusement and possible edification.

I will be, in this coming year, doing reviews of various items that I think may or may not be useful to the Tekumel gamer. As I do not have a 'freebies' policy - don't send me something for free; if I like it, then I'll pay for it in order to support you - anything I review will get a fair and open review. Since I also no longer have any business relationships with any commercial producers of Tekumel items, I think I can be fair and unbiased - and not beholden to anybody, thank you. Some stuff I like, some stuff I don't, and I'll tell you why. Photos will be included.

Speaking of photos, we are working on a way to get all 3,500 plus photos we have of our antics back up on line for you to be amazed at. Or amused. Or something. More on this as we figure it out.

I am working on an events schedule for this coming year, based on my health and blood pressure issues. More on this, too, as I get it all figured out.