Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Update - The Christmas Holiday

Origins, in Dallas, early 1980s;
photo by Dave Arneson, in my collection.
(The convention where I traded Dave for these three dancing girls.)

Time for the Sunday Update!

First off, a very Happy Holiday to everyone!!!


Health news: I am now way down from the blood pressure I had in the middle of the week, 193 over 111, and which landed me in the hospital for the night. CT scan was clear, blood tests were good, and I now have lots of new medications to remember to take. I generally feel a lot better after a forced week of rest, and a wonderful day yesterday. No salty food anymore, limited caffeine from now on, and lots of 'down time'. Which means I get to paint miniatures per the doctors' orders! The new regime has stabilized me at 160 over 100, and we'll keep dropping the pressure from there.

I have the next two nights off work for the holiday, three nights on, and then another four nights off for the next holiday; I am planning on painting and resting as much as I can, but I can be reached by e-mail as always...


Hot news from Howard Fielding of The Tekumel Project:

Howard has told us about what looks like a very interesting fundraiser, which can be found at this link:

The idea is to produce a line of Ancient Egyptian 'Court' miniatures, and these three ladies are the beginning of the line. I will be getting in on this, as I think, along with Howard, that these ladies are perfect for Tekumel miniatures gaming - especially for our style of gaming here at the Workbench, where we tend to game out things like parties and days out at the arena in miniature.

I do like the greens; the sculpting may not be 'perfect', but the figures have what for me is an even more important attribute: charm. The girls have an attitude, and I like them a lot. And yes, I will paint them to match the girls from the 1980s, too.


Because I have the extra days here over the holiday, I will be doing a batch of posts tomorrow that might be of interest to folks I will try to 'color code' the posts with photos to give an idea of what they're about.


Jim Harland has done a very interesting post on his blog that folks might find interesting, too.


Off for now; more later, as I get caught up on e-mails! Happy Holidays!!!