Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scrapyard Update, 1/24/13

The 'miniatures end' of the game room

A short update; there are two new items in the Scrapyard; I am clearing out the 15mm and 20mm Tekumel figures in my collection to make room for more of The Tekumel Project's wonderful 28mm figures, and these two lots will be up on e-bay by the weekend. I will post links as I get them.

As you can see from the photo, I'm tight on space, and I want to make room for the stuff we actually use in games as opposed to 'dead storage' items like these 15s and 20s. I have no use for them, and I just don't see myself painting them any time soon. ( I have never liked the smaller scales then 25mm / 28mm, no idea why.)

I still have to sort out the old Ral Partha and Reaper figures as well, but that won't happen until this coming weekend. I am 'refining my focus' (or something) to concentrate on making room for the purely Tekumel figures for the collection, and those figures that actually get used like the 60 gladiators; oen of these days, I am going to run a 'Day at the Arena' with gladiators, jugglers, wizard's duels, dancing girls (and boys, if I can find any, dang it!) and fast and furious betting that one expects in the way of Tsolyani family entertainment.

(I do have a fistful of kaitars; I got those for my three infamous games: "A Fistful of Kaitars", "A Few Kaitars More", and "The Good, The Bad, And The Ahoggya". I never have enough Ahoggya, though.)