Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Update - January 6th, 2013

This is the box of the original player-character figures I did back in the 1970s;
The box itself is an artifact, as I got it from Gary Gygax when he started the TSR RPGA.

It's the weekly update! I'm still alive, which is all I hope for, but lost of stuff happening. I am stable, with the blood pressure at 154 over 92 this morning; low for me, high for real people, but stable.


Lots of work done in the game room yesterday as we get ready for the resumption of our regular schedule of game sessions; I'm sorting lead, and there's a lot of it! I've emptied out all of the bins and reloaded them with the figures, so that the armies are in some sort of logical order and the RPG figures are more accessible. I'm also sorting out figures for the sets I'm doing for Con of the North, here in the Twin Cities next month, and they'll go off to the painting bench later this week.


The Tekumel Project is steaming along very nicely; drop by, and have a look at the new Temple of Ksarul sets, and I think you'll be very inpressed. I am, and very happy!!! The seated Priestess of Ksarul for the palanquins looks just like one of our players, the lovely Nonnie! Yea!!!


Brett Slocum has also posted his handy rules sets for Tekumel; see also his "Skein of Destiny" blog, and have a look!