Sunday, January 13, 2013

Update for Sunday, January 13th, 2013

An old photo, but a nice one; the sets of Urutsk and Tekumel 28 / 25 mm
figures I did for Kyrinn Eis for last years NTRPG Con.
I am doing similar sets of Tekumel figures for use by Brett and John in their games.

The bulldozer work in the game room continues; I have sorted some 5,000 miniatures over the past week, and pretty much figured out what will stay in the 'active' bins, what needs to be re-based to meet current basing standards, and what will go in the 'reserve' bins. It's a lot of work, but it's 'quiet' work and keeps my blood pressure down.


I had a 'high excursion' incident yesterday, but the members of the game group caught it and I'm back down in what we think is the 'safe' range. And, yes, I will be more careful.


May I suggest having a look over at The Tekumel Project's page? (link to the left) Howard has a lot of new Qol pictures up, and the new palanquins are wonderful!!!


Bitterly cold this week here in the Twin Cities, so I will be staying huddled over my electric radiator at The Workbench when I'm not on the job or asleep.


I should note that Eldest Daughter is expected to be delivered of a bouncing baby boy anytime now, and I shall be - gasp! - a grandfather!

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