Saturday, March 30, 2013

Readers' Requests - Fasiltum, the City of the Chiming Skulls, or, Location, Location, Location!

Jaisalmer Fort; yes, Phil had been there.

For those of you who have been down the Sakbe Road through the desert in the eastern part of Tsolyanu, you have probably been to the home of those perennial pests, the Vriddi clan of Fasiltum, the Cith of the Chiming Skulls. The locals, who have a habit of hanging up the craniums of people they don't like on the eaves of the buildings with little chimes in them, are possibly the most annoying people on the planet; that's my opinion, of course, and is caused by the Vriddi's being insufferably ancient, insufferably aristocratic, and insufferably snobbish.

The city itself is only moderately ancient; due to the Vriddi habit of revolting against the rule of the Tlakotani dynasty of the Tsolyani Imperium, the place gets razed to the ground every now and then in a futile attempt to teach the Vriddi just who runs the Seal Imperium and sits on the Petal Throne. It never works, they do it all over again in each new generation, and it gets both old and annoying.

One of the really cool things about gaming with Phil was that he'd frequently go off on excursions into memory, and describe places and things that he'd seen and relate them to their context as part of Tekumel's background. His tales of crawling through the ruins of the Red Fort in Delhi scared the crap out of us, as his descriptions of wandering through endless dark and dusty passages with an oil lamp and getting hopelessly lost were obviously the model for our own treks through the Underworlds of Phil's cities. It did not help that his airy "Well, I found my way out because I knew the differences between the various calligraphy styles of the Mughal dynasties" was going to be applied to us in very short order.

So, Fasiltum. May I suggest that you avail yourselves of The Wonders Of The Internet and those of the Indian Tourism Board:


A Google search will generate enough photos to make any party of players and their GM happy; if you really want to give the proper impression, may I suggest one of those nice bamboo wind chimes (for the sound of the skulls) and some nice metal wind chimes (for the bell chimes) and a fan set on 'low' off in one corner of the game room...