Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Weekly Update for Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Sorry; I could not resist this photo of Chirine's galley afloat on Lake Hekellu.
(I am going to have to talk to the bosun about that light blue hull paint, though.)

Yesterday's game session was heaps of fun, with a full house as the marine recruits finally started discovering the Mysteries Of Their Island. Nobody got eaten by the local wildlife yesterday, which was a surprise, but the players have gotten very wary of trying to interact with the flora and fauna of their little home away from home.

I enjoyed it all immensely; must get some figures painted for them!!!


One of my players posted to the Tekumel group on Yahoo about my book, "To Serve The Petal Throne", and so far we've gotten absolutely no response. I am hugely amused by this, actually; history repeats itself here, as our adventures with Phil in the original Thursday Night Group over the years were always regarded with Deep Suspicion by the 'orthodox' 'mainstream' of Tekumel gamers. We didn't do enough dice rolling for their tastes, and instead wasted our time with dumb things like miniatures, costumes, and artifacts. Sad to say, we still do the same old  things in the same old way; you'd think we'd have learned over the years that we're still "that bunch of freaks who do Tekumel" - or, as they say on the Intarwebz, "U R Doing It Wrong". Why, yes, I suppose we are; we make stuff up, and we have fun...

In order to accurately reflect the lack of interest in the book amongst 'real' Tekumel fans, I have moved the information about it and the new edition of my miniatures rules onto new pages and off the front page of this blog. Vox Populi, Vox Dei!!!


The heavy lifting work in the Game Room and Game Lounge is done; I'm still sorting out tools and other small bits, but the big job is over. The Game Room is now permanently clear for gaming, and the lounge will be done this week. I am very pleased; I still have to sort out all the siege artillery, but once that's done all of the miniatures, scenery, and terrain will be in their new boxes and available for immediate use. Hurrah!!!


Another week, and I'm still alive along with The Missus. "Better living through chemicals", as the old joke goes, as our medications keep us alive. My blood pressure is stable, in the 'normal human' range, and while I'm tired of the cold weather I can look forward to warmer days in the sun.


  1. I would not worry too much about the grognards on the Yahoogroup - they do not know what they are missing! And, I'm glad to hear that you two are still kicking about.

    1. Thanks! Understood; it's just that I find it really funny that if anyone is a Tekumel grognard, it would be me! :)

  2. Silly Word games seems to generate a response however! Perhaps because they require less "effort".

  3. I would be really interested to read the first book in your Project.

    I have just read Jeff Okamoto's old Runequest Campaign Log (85-90) but the Thursday Night Group story should be even more epic!

  4. Thank you for your comment! I am writing the book as one narrative, as it is easier for me to keep the timelines straight; the division into five volumes was made to make any potential paper versions of the work a managable size, but as the book is much more likely to be in an electronic format this may no longer hold.

    Currently, the book covers the period 2,3,54 AS to 2,375 AS in short segments, more of less like an anthology of short stories. If you'd like to see the thing, let me know!

    Love your blogs, by the way!