Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Braunstein - The Video! - Live Streaming, We Hope!

With a little bit of luck, and the new Sony camera (above) that The Missus found, we should be able to have the first half-hour of the game session on June 8th put up on the Internet as live streaming video. The idea is to have the 'introductory talk' go live at noon, Central Daylight Time, and run for about a half hour. Depending on battery life, we'll try to stream some of the funnier moments of the game itself on line; the URL where all this will be is:

And we'll be making announcements on this blog as we go along. The camera also records the video while streaming, so we'll post the recording as well after the event.

And, just because we have the capability, we're going to be recording the entire event on video; we're not going to be using the two- to four- camera 'production shoot' set of equipment that we used to record Prof. Barker's Memorial Event that we did just over a year ago, but rather a smaller and lighter 'flight recorder' set up that will capture video and audio from a fixed camera and recording straight to DVD. The DVD recorder that we have allows us to record up to eight hours at one time, so it'll get everything we run at the game session with no problems.

The big issue here, as it always is with doing video production, is time and people; even using the production set we have, it takes several people to run the video switcher, audio mixer, and lighting that you really need to do really high-quality video. We're simply not going to have that option at this game session, nor will we have enough room on-site for a full-court-press production effort. Normally, I'd make up for that by using a lot of set-up time, but we don't have that on the day either. So, we'll got for a realatively light 'field production' set-up that does the basic recording without taking up a lot of people and time; I think it'll work decently, and give all of you an idea of what these games are like.

Mind you, we'll still be using the 'big video' set, but we'll be doing that here at The Workbench to make videos that we can upload as needed; the game plan is to set the rig up once, and then use it as the 'in-hoiuse' production system. More on this, as we figure it out...


  1. Chris and I were thinking of coming up. See you there!

  2. Hi Chirine! The first three videos were awesome! It was great seeing you guys in action! :-) Hopefully there will be more, or at least lots of pictures! Best Regards, Howard

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