Monday, June 24, 2013

Power's Back On! - A Placeholder For Now

Six of these, and eighty pounds of ice. It's been a long weekend.
This is a placeholder for the late weekly update. I've missed Contessa, not gotten much sleep, and worked myself into a stupor. We've had three days of severe storms, here in the Twin Cities, and while we've been very lucky and not lost any trees uprooted, had water in the basement, or yet another brain bleed from all the stress, we did lose power to the house early in the proceedings and had to scramble to save the food supplies from going bad in the heat and humidity. Likewise the Missus' medications; we had to deal with the loss of the air filters that mitigate her asthma and allergies, but losing the meds would have been A Very Bad Thing. We survived, though, and I'll have the usual update for all of you later today after I get some sleep...


  1. sorry to hear all this. Glad your homelife is stabilizing. That's a lot of instant temples though.. :)

  2. Good to hear that you made it through - don't worry about us though, we are patient...

  3. Good to hear no flooding - I saw the "water in the basement" and had to re-read it before I realised you hadn't had that (this time) - that is one of the worse things!

    Keep safe!

    Best Regards,