Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Weekly Update for Sunday, June 16th, 2013

My dad, in his natural habitat.

Barker of Arabia, and the Mughal Empress.

It's Father's Day; I'd like to take a moment to remember me dad, me step-dad, and Our Phil - who was like a father to me.



I am finally getting back on my feet after last weekend's frolics; all the miniatures are unpacked and back on the shelves, and the game room is starting to look normal once again. It's been a very busy few days, and a tiring one; I have so little staying power these days, sorry to say.

Be that as it may I did get all the boxes unpacked, folded up and stored. The two couch-beds formerly in the game lounge are now in their new home in the spare room, and we're in the process of getting that ready for the July arrival of Our Older Daughter From Zurich and The Son-in-law What I have Never Met. I also have hopes that at some point, Our Younger Daughter From Zurich will get the chance to get over here to visit.

For the record, I have four Daughters on the establishment at the moment; I am a Dad, and dang proud of my little clan of eccentrics. We've chosen to be a family, which to me is a Pretty Big Deal; I love them all, and they are what keeps me going. And a special thanks to The Missus, who's there for her adopted daughters despite her own severe health issues. Thanks, Sweets!


I would also like to thank Our Man In Duluth, kokigami, for a wonderful after action report from last weekend's game; it's on his blog, The Superior Force, and there's a link off to the left for you. Great photos, too!!!


I really must do custom T-shirts for Team Hlutrgu!!!