Saturday, June 29, 2013

Travelling Back In Time - A Dave Arneson Moment

The Missus at the rail of Pinta, taking a risk.
The Missus and I have returned to this present time and place, after a short and entertaining excursion back in time to the middle 1400's and to Hudson, Wisconsin. The replica ships Nina and Pinta, built by the Columbus Foundation, have come up the river to visit us despite high water. We've been getting ready for the excursion for most of the week, as we have to plan ahead well in advance due to The Missus' health issues, but it was well worth it. All of the planning and preparation - we have to carry a pack with her emergency supplies on board, and stay within twenty minutes of a well-stocked hospital - paid off, and we have a lovely excursion to see these ships. I got to talk to the crew about such mind-numbing things like 'parrels', and we took heaps of pictures which I have loaded onto my Photobucket page - link off to the left, for your use.

It was all quite wonderful - it reminded me of the time Dave took all of us to see USS Olympia (Commodore Dewey's flagship, from the 1890s) and USS Niagara (Commodore Perry's flagship, from 1813). I think Phil would have loved to see these two ships as well; he loved ships and boats, and both of them used a lot of historical examples of sailing ships in their games. If you want the details of these two ships, may I suggest:

There are a lot more photos on the website; there is also a schedule of port visits. The crews are very nice and helpful, and we really enjoyed our excursion to see them and their vessels.

If I may make a modest personal note, I have now walked the decks of:

Viking, Nina, Pinta, Mayflower, USS Constitution, USS Niagara, Charles W. Morgan, USS Olympia, Amis Reunis, U-505, USS Lionfish, and the mighty USS Massachusetts;

The Missus has also added to the family total with Golden Hind and HMS Bounty. Still to come, we both hope (God willing!), are HMS Mary Rose, HSMS Vasa, and  HMS Victory.

"Don't Give Up The Ship!" - Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax

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  1. Wow. Make that a big nautical WOW! I didn't know there were replicas.