Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Angry Rant, Indignant, One Each, +20 on Blood Pressure

I laud the initiative; I deplore the need.

If you continue reading this, may I suggest you break out the asbestos tea cozy for your computer? I am in an enraged state, tonight, and have been so for the past 36 hours; my rage may communicate itself down through the Internet and set your computer on fire. Let's begin with a simple 'Google' search; use the keywords:

"sexual harassment" elise

and have a look at, if you like:

Have a look at your screen, have a look at some of the websites cited, read what happened, and then come back here; I have a few things to say about this matter, and then I'll have a few more things to say in amplification. Thanks!

Welcome back! Let me state, here at the outset, my biases in these matters. First, I am the proud paternal parent of (currently) four daughters; I have been so for the better part of a decade, having been selected as the adoptive parent by said daughters at various points in their lives. We have chosen to be a family - we didn't just happen, as it were, to be one - so we're a little more close-knit then some folks might think. I am very proud of my kids; we've tried to give them what they need in the way of parenting, and they seemed to have liked what we do for them. I took them as they arrived, without judgement or qualm; they, and we, are all God's children.

Secondly, and more importantly, I know Elise. I've known her for some twenty-five years. She's smart, opinionated, funny, clever, and honest. We disagree on some things, agree on others; she's also one of the most open-minded and tolerant people I know, and while I may respectfully disagree with her on some matters, I respect her. Finding out what she'd been been through at the recent WisCon set me right off; for Elise to be visibly angry at something somebody said, it must have been something that, in an earlier age, would have gotten the speaker tossed out the nearest window onto the pikes and pitchforks of the mob. Elsie does not make this kind of crap up, nor does she get angry very easily; to see this happening simply makes me furious. I applaud her and support her, and I am also applauding WisCon for having a policy for dealing with this kind of thing in place.

I am appalled that it should be needed.

This incident comes in the midst of a spate of similar incidents at conventions; may I suggest the following web links?

The photo of the Convergence poster, above, is from one of these web sites. I applaud the Convergence committee for doing this; I am appalled that they have to do it.

What infuriates me even more about this is my own history; I have always had a very high number of women in my game groups, going back to the founding of the original Thursday Night game group at Prof. Barker's back in the late 1970s, and my technical support crew that I took to many conventions in the 1990s to sound / light / video was always over half women. So, what the hell?

What the hell ever happened to basic politeness?
What the hell ever happened to thinking before one engaged mouth?
What the hell ever happened to "You look great in that! May I take your picture?"

No. Just no. Not here, not on my watch. If I see this crap, I'll call the offender out on it. I've done it before, and I'll do it again. I do not tolerate this kind of harassment, I never have, and I never will. Consider this the one and only warning; it shouldn't be needed, but there seems to be a need to state the obvious.



  1. Me: "No, just because she's dressed like that doesn't give you the right to solicit her..."

    Dudebro: "But dude, bro, her, like, funbagos are, like, totally hanging out there. She's gotta be askin' for it."

    Me: "You're not listening to me. Regardless of her intent...."

    Dudebro: "Bro, she's got, like, huge..."

    Me: "Sigh....Could you just ask me to tell you the rabbits so we can get this over with?"

    Dudebro: "DUDE! There are, like, Playboy Bunnies here too???"


  2. Unbelievable or, most depressingly, totally believable. These people get away with this because nothing is reported - in England we have a lot of dirt coming up about Jimmy Savile, a 70s BBC 'star' - anything reported was hidden to the point of incredibility. He died a while back and only now are things coming out - he was very protected - the BBC is fast becoming a 70s and 80s cesspit of this sort of thing.