Saturday, July 13, 2013

Corrupting the Youth of America, One at a Time

Eldest Daughter and First Grandchild during today's game session.

(Yes, that's a plush twenty-sider. I am equipped for all contingencies.
It's washable, which is a good thing as he drooled all over it in his delight.))

We're back to our twice-a-month RPG games, and Rob's campaign cooks merrily along with the marine recruits slowly starving to death on their little island near Penom and their ranks getting whittled down by the local wildlife and natives. Rations are so tight, I broke out my treasured copy of Karl Wurf's handy cookbook, "To Serve Man", to give the players some idea of what the art of the possible in field rations might include. It beats a steady diet of swamp frogs, anyway.

First Grandchild deigned to attend, and played with his own personal twenty-sider throughout. Get 'em young, I say, and they'll be gamers all their lives. He can't play with the miniatures until he finishes teething, however.


Speaking of miniatures, the Indiegogo I mentioned in the last update has reached the first milestone, and we'll be getting the first stretch figure in our shipment. There is also a photo of the harp player, and you may want to take a look:

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