Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekly Update for Sunday, July 7th, 2013 - News From The Front!

Sitre, Menwe, and Ten'er in attendance on Si N'te
(from "To Serve The Petal Throne")

First off, this week, I am delighted to be able to announce that Mike Burns has posted his second Indiegogo fund-raising campaign; he's working on a line of 25 - 28mm miniatures, based on Ancient Egypt. These are 'harem' figures - not the sort of 'harem' we're used to from Orientalist literature of the fin de sicle or from those steamy pot-boilers in the less reputable pulp magazines one used to get for a dime, but the huge support organization that kept the Pharaoh in knit socks on campaign. (I know how that conversation went: "Look, I know you're a Libyan Princess, but I'm off to smite the Hittites later this week and I need those socks; it gets cold at night up near Meggido, and the chariot doesn't have a heater.") We bought into the first campaign, and the figures we got are really nice. When you have a moment, have a look at:

We will be contributing to the campaign at the Grand Vizier / Level Six position, and we're looking forward to the figures - they look great in the metal, and I've been very happy with them.

I've always wanted to run a game set at a fashionable party in a great clan-house in Bey Sy; it would be perfect for a game using the classic "Braunstein" format, and be a lot like the big parties we used to have to try and survive in Phil's games. He used to use such parties as a way to introduce new characters and adventures, and while we had a lot of fun I still don't know how my liver stood it all...

Also of interest on the Internet, that clever and wise Mr. Brett Slocum has opened a new Yahoo group for planning and preparation of the proposed Tekumel theme room at the local game convention, Con Of The North, in February of 2014. May I suggest you have look at:

We here at The Workbench plan on supporting this event, and we're looking forward to it. It's been a long time since I ran Minnesota's largest game convention, The Minnesota Campaign (1,500 attendees), and the idea of going to a convention and not having to run the dang thing is kinda attractive. Running games, on the other hand, is what we do best... :)

We have an immense amount of event support materials cached here at The workbench, and we'll be putting them all at the disposal of Mr. Slocum to give him and the other event organizers the widest possible array of options. we have everything from floor lamps (bought for Con of the North, actually) to badge holders for individual badges for player-characters. The Missus has been rebuilding our desktop publishing capacities here in the home office, with a roll printer and spare computers for the event's support.

The work in the game room and game lounge (AKA the Lava Lounge) is now down to sorting out all the loose bits from over a decade of gaming. I still have to move the mannequin that my armour lives on, but that's a quick project for some morning after I get home from work. The spare room is also in good shape; I've moved the multi-standards international television, VCR, and DVD player in there for the amusement of guests, and all I really have to do in there is move my boxes and plastic tubs of costuming materials into the new shelves in the storage shed to clear the room Likewise the basement - the storage shed is about to become a much more crowded place, but that is why we bought the thing.

Several hundred more figures from the shelves have migrated into the vats of Simple Green I use as a paint stripper; the various Reaper (and other) figures that I've bought over the past decade and a half as 'proxies' for various Tekumel subjects are all being 'decommissioned' in favor of the new figures that Howard Fielding is coming out with. My plan is to have as many 'proper' Tekumel figures on the shelves in the game room as possible, so as to give players that authentic 'original Thursday Night group' flavor of what gaming was like out at Phil's, and only rely on other figures when we need to.

Mind you, I am keeping the various Ral Partha figures form those far-off days in service; the heart of the Livyani army has always been the "Deep Elf with Halberd", and they have now been in service since 1980. Our Nonnie, the Priestess of Ksarul immortalized in lead by Howard Fielding (I swear, the new "Qol Palanquin with Priest and Priestess of Ksarul" - the figure looks just like her, even to the way she sits at the game table!), turned up a Secret Cache of these old figures, and they are going into service as soon as I have the time to base them up. (Thank you, Nonnie!!!)

Other projects, like the 14 foot long Sakbe Road (in modular sections; I'm not that stupid, I hope...) and the various urban buildings, are on hold until I finish the basement sorting and cleaning. It's been a decade, since the last time I really got down to it and cleaned the place up, and it shows. It's my goal to get back to the more gracious and 'courtly' style of gaming that we used to enjoy hereabouts, where we played host to the gentry for an afternoon of fun and excitement. Think H. G. Wells or Fletcher Pratt, with a healthy dose of Edwardian safari club, Victorian officers' mess, and Tiki lounge added to the mix; you get the idea, I hope. It's my conception of the atmosphere in the 'back room' of the clanhouse, where the clan members get together to socialize and pass along the Wisdom Of The Ages. Or at least have a good time, anyway!

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