Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Weekly Update for Sunday, September 15th, 2013 - "Kaor, my Princess! Helium, now and forever!"

The cosmic GM?

The big effort for this past week has been sorting out and mining away at the mountain of unpainted led in the game rooms. I have pounds of the stuff, accumulated throughout the years, and I am working away at getting it all sorted out and boxed up. My lovely 'not - Barsoom' figures now have their own quarters, all ready for the next time my players mess with some dang Ancient Device and wind up sitting in front of the twin towers of Helium. I am seriously thinking of running a game where john Carter and the incomparable Dejah Thoris persuade Our Heroes to help them Save The World; this may be the theme for the November game event (see below). I have to paint the faithful Woola, but other then that I'm primed and ready to go - now, where did I put that aether flyer?


As I am in the beginning of football season, we will have one RPG game session in October (with my Youngest daughter and a family friend visiting us as observers) on Saturday the  12th,  a regular RPG session on either November 2nd or the 16th presided over my that nice Mr. Leduc, and then we shall start the campaign season with a bang - well, actually a miniatures game! - on the day after Thanksgiving. It's been a long-standing tradition here, at The Workbench, to use the extended leave time I have at work over the Thanksgiving holiday to cook up something special, and I have a hankering to do so again this year; last year, at this time, I was occupied with getting the whacking great scar in the back of my head to heal up. The suggested date this year will be November 29th, a Friday, as I have both the nights of the 27th / 28th and the 28th / 29th off, allowing me time to cook up something quite out of the ordinary.

As this will be one of my classic 'Braunsteins', this weekend booking also allows me the option of having the game at the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center if there is enough interest on the part of people; it has to be admitted that the space in our little house is limited and if I get enough people interested in showing up, I'll move the game to the next day and to the Event Center. E-mail me if you have a hankering to play...