Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Weekly Update for Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 - The Greatest 'Braunstein' In The History Of Gaming

The palace staff, all based up and ready for the primer.

Lots of stuff going on, so let me begin at the beginning...

First off, the new figures from Mike Burns in Leeds have arrived - see above. Better pictures of all of them are on his two Indiegogo sites:

These are very nice figures, and work very well as 'civilian' Tekumel figures - Phil had a taste for 'Hollywood Aegyptian' movies - see also his drawing of Miss Claudette Colbert as Empress Nayari of the Silken Thighs (Empress Poppea in "Sign of the Cross", and as Queen Cleopatra VII in "Cleopatra", both by Cecil B. De Mille) - and these are just perfect. Mike is planning on offering the figures in the future as part of a range of such figures, and I'm eagerly awaiting his next releases. The figures seem to be 'true 25's', are very charming, and paint up a treat.


The game schedule for the upcoming holiday season is firming up nicely. I am getting back into the old pattern of holiday game mini-events that I had been doing for quite a few years, and my work schedule is dovetailing nicely with the holidays this year. So, here's what I', planning for November and December:

November 29th (Friday) - Annual Thanksgiving Game

This is the traditional opening of the campaign year, and I normally do a miniatures game in the game room; if there is suffcient interest, I can move the game to Fantasy Flight Games' Event Center, on Saturday (the 30th of November) so we have more space. I have two days off prior to this game, so I can get it all ready and set with plenty of time to spare.

This game will be shown on live streaming video, using our Sony 'Bloggie', at our video website (see link to the left, please.) We'll also have it up on the site later on.

December 28th (Saturday) - Annual Holiday Game Event

This is the annual festive holiday game; we had a very successful mini-event some years ago, and I want to get back into the habit of hosting that kind of thing. This mini-event will be held here at The Workbench, using the game room, the Lava Lounge, and The Spare Room. I have a five day holiday before Christmas Day, so I'll have the time to cook up something really special. Consider yourself warned.

This game will also be shown on live streaming video, using our Sony 'Bloggie', at our video website (see link to the left, please.) We'll also have it up on the site later on.


The annual game event I run in the spring, - The David L. Arneson Memorial Maritime Miniatures Mayhem and Professor M. A. R. Barker Memorial Miniatures Game Event - will be held in April of next year, getting back to our normal schedule for the campaign year. I will have better scheduling information around the turn of the year. The event will be held at the Fantasy Flight Games' Event Center where we have the room to spread out and have a really good-sized table.

This event is shaping up to be the greatest 'Braunstein'-style game that I have ever run in my entire career as a gamer. I have had the most amazing and inspiring idea, and I thing people will be amazed and astonished when they see the game table and the scenario sheets. I am genuinely shocked that I hadn't thought this one up before; it seemed like a 'natural' to try running. I will, I think, be hitting every possible trope in gaming, but with a twist. The game session will last no more then four hours; I will have everything set up - in secret! - and ready to play.

As we did this previous year, we'll have this up on line for people to watch.


Everything is felling into place for the first of my video podcasts, which I will have up on the web on Saturday, October 19th, 2013. This will be a half-hour podcast, where I'll talk about my time on Tekumel with Prof. Barker and the various projects I'm working on.

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