Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Weekly Update for Sunday, October 20th, 2013 - Quiet, Cold, and Wet

Presentation model done by the sculptor for Prof. Barker

There is actually very little to report, today; the big news is that the first video podcast is up on the site for you to be bemused by; scroll down the left-hand column to get to the link, and click on it - you should go right to my video page.

Aside from the video yesterday, I have been busy for most of the week stripping and sorting old figures as part of the reorganization of the miniatures collection. I'm in the middle of the process, and I'll have more to report later on.

It's cold and wet here, with snow expected.  Brrr!


  1. Lovely pic. Who was the sculptor?

  2. Gerald Dagel, one of the members of the game group. He's sculpts professionally in the toy development market, and was surprised that nobody had made a Chlen; so, he did one. This model is one of the initial test run of eight resin castings and was sent to Prof. Barker as a gift. I mounted it on the base, and added a Crocodile Games 'Wargods of Aegyptus' figure for scale comparison.

    yours, chirine