Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Thanksgiving Kaika - A Heart-warming Tale Suitable For All Ages

Phil and Ambereen in Festive Attire

It's the holiday season, and I thought I would share Mrs. Ambereen Barker's Secret Recipe for The Thanksgiving Kaika (Pat. Pend.):

1) Listen to Chirine tell joke about having a Kaika for Thanksgiving dinner;

2) Listen to Distinguished Professor Husband tell Chirine that it can't be done; the Kaika has six legs, and a turkey has only two;

3) Inform Distinguished Professor Husband that he's full of it, and doesn't know what he's talking about;

4) Chase Distinguished Professor Husband and his disgustingly filthy gamers out of kitchen and send them packing into basement;

5) Obtain one each turkey large enough to feed Distinguished Professor Husband and his ravening horde of disgustingly filthy gamers;

6) Obtain four extra turkey legs;

7) Prepare turkey and additional legs in usual manner, using Khan Family blend of Pakistani spices;

8) Sew additional legs onto turkey when cooking is done, adding those little frilly paper hats to ends of legs;

9) Serve up to assembled ravening horde, watching their jaws drop to the floor;

10) Bask in glow of plaudits from assembled ravening horde.

A simple recipe, from a superb cook!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

yours, chirine