Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Sro and all of us here at The Workbench!

The three Sro in their first coats of paint; half a bottle of Pactra / Testors'
"Jade Green" / "Green Metal Flake", with more to come to give some depth to the scales.

Superb howdahs from David Allan; 25mm figures for scale, from Prof. Barker's campaign
that I did 1976 - 1985; 'saddle blankets' from the Internet and the color printer

'Pannier' howdahs for the Tane from David Allan;
festive holiday parasols from the party supplies store

The 'heavy industry' part of the job is now done, and I'll be moving operations back to the actual workbench part of The Workbench to get these done for Saturday's game. The saddle blankets hide a multitude of sins, and were a quick find on the Internet and an even quicker print job on the color printer. Each Sro has a magnet inset into their back, and there's a steel plate - an old 20mm x 20mm steel base from the parts bins - glued to the underside of each howdah. The howdahs are very well-engineered, and are very stable. They have 3-D printed banners, separate shields, and various figures for their Tane crews; wonderful stuff, if you ask me!

As a side note, Christmas doesn't fall on 12/25 for me; it comes on your 1/7 and my 12/25 this year, which is the difference between the common Western Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar in use by the Orthodox Church. Be that as it may,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!