Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Great Pyramid of Philhotep The Mighty, or, Regarding My Birthday

14" on a side, urethane foam, and really nice!

Why, yes, it has a top level!

And a middle level!

And even a lower level! Whee!

Phil - Professor Barker, of course - loved Ancient Egypt, and had a wonderful 25mm Middle Kingdom army that he gamed with. It was, it has to be said, a singularly useless army on the table; Ancient Egypt had what amounted to guys in kilts with stone maces, and any time any army with armor or sharp weapons arrived, Phil's boys would get thrashed. His solution, with always worked, was to trot out a huge palanquin with a giant statue of Horus on it - his fleeing Egyptians would take heart at this Symbol of Divine Might and turn around and drive us off the table. (My little cohort of Late Imperial Romans hated the thing...)

Be that as it may, my birthday was yesterday, and the Great Pyramid of Philhotep The Mighty "(Look upon my miniatures collection and despair!") showed up early in celebration. I love the thing - and have no idea who made it! It will look great on the table, once I fill it with all the 25mm tomb furnishings I've accumulated over the years, and I have a feeling that my players will come to hate it.


In other birthday news, I got a whole 12 hours of sleep - in two six-hour segments, admittedly - but this is the longest block of sleep I've had in months. I feel really good, and am pretty pleased. The Missus also fed me a t-bone steak, which was great, and I stopped by my favorite purveyor of weapons and indulged myself with a mace and buckler - as Chirine, fighting whatever Phil could throw at us over the years, these were my preferred weapons as a Priest of Vimuhla. The boys at Arms and Armor keep this kind of thing in stock, so I indulged myself with my saved-up birthday money and bought one of their steel bucklers (their #045 Round Targe) and one of their 'Iberian Mace' heads (#147 Iberian Mace) that I'll be mounting on my own haft to make an accurate replica of the mace I rolled up in Phil's campaign back in 1976. The set will go with my armor, along with the collection of daggers, short swords, long swords, and other weapons that Chirine accumulated over the years in Phil's games.

If you remember the movie, "The Mummy", you'll remember the scene where the Egyptian zombies under the control of Imhotep menace Our Heroes; Phil loved the movie, so...

"Philhotep! Philhotep! Ya! Ya! Philhotep!"

So, go storm something, and give the heroes a rough time! :)