Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Weekly Update for Sunday, December 1st, 2013 - The Battle For Hekellu (or what's left of it...)

The north-west quarter of Hekellu -
That's the Palace, burning on the right-hand side; our camp to the north of town is to the left.
Various locals spot our advance, and contest the restoration of Imperial rule.
Lord Takodai and his Vriddi cousins storm the East Bridge, and get a rough reception.
The cohorts of the Legion of Hnalla, Master of Light, storm the West Bridge;
Yours Truly lobs in a Doomkill or two to discourage the locals a bit.
It has been a wonderful weekend!

I got to visit my sister and her family on Thursday for dinner, and we have a great time. The nieces and nephews are smart, quick, and fun, and my sister and her husband are as wonderful and kind as ever.

Friday, I got the game rooms all set and ready to go for the game, and got all of my spare figures sorted out into the new chests of drawers. It had to be done; the lead mountain is not down to a foothill!

Saturday, we stormed Hekellu, and it was pretty messy. Two players were the locals, and two the Tsolyani. The locals made life difficult for the Tsolyani, throwing barrels and bags of grain at the advancing troops, and put up a very stiff fight. A very good time was had by all, and a lot of laughter was heard.

We also learned a lot about how to to video recording of this kind of event; the biggest lesson was that urban fighting makes for lousy video; I should have done this as a formal three or more camera shoot, with a lot more open terrain. It was just too had to keep track of the flow of the game, despite using two small cameras - we used the Bloggie and another small Sony camera to get in tight - and what we really needed was to have somebody at the video mixing console in the Lava Lounge concentrating solely on the video side of things. I wound up being both the video producer and the game master, and the two roles did not mix at all well.

We'll be able to salvage the video we did get - ah, the wonders of post-production! - and we'll eventually have the video of the game up on our You Tube channel.

A very special Thank You to all the players - you did a great job!!!