Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Weekly Update for Sunday, December 15th, 2013 - An Influenza Epidemic, but on the mend...

The Vriddi cross the east bridge, and have to shove a wagon out of the way...
Things have been a little slow here at the Workbench for the past week, as I have been suffering from a touch of the 'flu; since I work nights, it has been a very long and very tiring week. We have had a bit of a break in the very cold temperatures, however, which has helped quite a lot. I'm coping as best I can; getting a lot of fluids, a lot of sleep, and being very careful!


Be that as it may, I finally got the last of the storage shelves in the game room up, and the fleet of 25 / 28 mm ships and boats we fool around with has finally come into harbor. There are new storage bins / drawers for all the player-character figures I've been doing for our games since 1976, as well as more storage for things like the long-suffering Missuma River Water Police and their friends the river pirates - er, 'honest fresh-water merchants'. The palace staff also has it's own box - thanks to Mike Burn's recent Indiegogo, we have miniatures of everyone - and I think that this will speed up play in our games.


Work on getting all of our Tekumel materials digitized and uploaded continues; this week, the Northwest Frontier map set, the draft of the map guide with Phil's hand-written corrections and ken Fletcher's artwork (that Tom Thompson didn't use), and the published version of same all got their own folder and are on-line.


The new computer - a PC with the latest Intel chip set - is up and running; I just finished a Skype call to my daughter in Zurich with full audio and video duplex communications. We're on the threshold of being able to offer on-line fully-interactive gaming from here at The Workbench, and I'm pretty excited!


The schedule for my podcasts has settled down to being on the third Saturday of every month. We're finding that trying to do the podcasts on the same days as we're having a game session just doens't work; likewise, we've found that trying to use the small hand-held cameras to record video of a miniatures game isn't really practical; we're finding - as we learned many years ago, when we were doing video production professionally - that having individual cameras in a room full of active gamers is a formula for looking at hours of video of somebody's shoulder.

So, we're working on using some of our fleet of little fixed and remotely-controlled cameras to be able to record miniatures games without the camera crew disrupting the flow of game play. Yes, it will mean that the game room is wired like a pinball machine, but we'll be able to use the video switcher to look at the cameras without having to have somebody in the same room - or having to 'fix it in post', as the old saying goes...

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