Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Weekly Update for Sunday, December 29th, 2013 - Fun and games, at least as practiced hereabouts...

The Scene Of The Action - the seaside resort at the mouth of the Psgheti River;
Lady Tsahul's barge is moored at the dock, providing accomodations

Lord Chirine and Lady Si N'te discuss the forthcoming safari to see the fabled
Lost Pyramid of Phil-ho-tep the Magnificent, a local tourist attraction

Aliya, Lady Kiya's maid, and Nyssa, Lady Tsahul's maid and Chirine's junior wife,
in hot pursuit of a would-be ambusher who is fleeing from the wrath of the outraged maids

The melee becomes general, with spells flying left and right from the howdahs
and the Sro throwing their weight around.

Well, I thought that it went all right; people came, they had fun, and we all enjoyed ourselves. The general idea was that the tourists from Tsolyanu would visit the local tourist attractions via the Sro-back rides; several parties of treasure-hunters had other ideas, and thought that the tourists' money-pouches might prove full of negotiable specie - i. e., loot. Things got very chaotic after that, and much fun and laughter resulted. Lady Kiya's long-suffering coast guards / river police took the brunt of the combat, with the palace porters' department in support. Interestingly, the ladies' handmaidens proved to be the best melee troops; make of that what you will...

This was a 'long table' game, with our standard 30" x 60" tables arrayed on the long axis of the game room - see the top photo, if you please. Ground cover is three of our stock 103" x 66" canvas drop cloths, and scenery is largely from PetCo and PetSmart. (Look in the aquarium, terrarium, and hermit crab departments.) Next time I run something like this, I will provide the players with pre-printed cards showing them a picture of each figure (for individuals) or group of figures (for multiples) to make things easier and speed up play - I had to explain things a lot, which didn't surprise me.

The new storage system for our gaming supplies worked very, very well. It only took a few minutes to pull the bins from the storage shelves, and I'm very happy with how everything worked.


I have updated the Photobucket page with the photos we took during yesterday's game; there is a link at the bottom of the left-hand column of this page for you. Have a look, if you would; I think you'll be amused.


I have no idea who the nice girl on the flying carpet is. I gathered that she's a friend of Si N'te, and she provided the services of a flying scout for most of the game. She got along with everyone, and spent a lot of time at the beach with all of the ladies-in-waiting as they improved their sun tans.


I had the first of what I hope will be many wonderful Skype calls with a Tekumel fan on Friday; he was calling from Europe, so I made an adjustment in my schedule, and we talked for almost six hours. I'll be happy to take calls, but you may want to e-mail me to reserve a particular time. Thanks!