Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Weekly Update for Sunday, December 8th, 2013 - Shock And Awe!

Another one of Those Days at the Temple of Thumis in the city of Hekellu

(Zoom in, and that's Yours Truly in the red suit at the base of the stairway)

It has been a very good week, if I do say so myself. Lots of sleep, the past few days, and I feel really pretty good. I have been very touched by all of you sending me your birthday Best Wishes both here on the blog and on both Facebook and Google+, and I'd like to thank you all very much for these - it's very kind of all of you!

I have been genuinely surprised to the very strong response to my post about having to storm Hekellu, back in the day, and even more surprised by a little 'review' I have gotten from a blogger who writes a well-informed and well written blog about the gaming scene; I hope I'm not taking a liberty by quoting him:

"chirine's workbench One of my personal favorite blogs, this little gem focuses on the world of Tekumel and on the early history of the game while never forgetting the modern world. You'll find lots of inspiring posts here, an interesting podcast, and so much on the history of the game that it'll make your head spin.  Updates: Weekly."


Um. Wow.

First off, of course, a very big thank you for your very kind words! What I'm trying to do with this blog, as the Usual Suspects here know, is try to tell people about the early days of gaming here in the Twin Cities, and about some of the, ah, 'colorful personalities' I knew and gamed with. We had a lot of fun, and I try to maintain that sense of fun (and the absurd) that our games had - 'whimsy', if you like. I spent most of my gaming time with Prof. Barker, of course, which is why we have so much Tekumel stuff lying around the blog. I'll try and tell more tales of life in the basement at East Elmwood Place, and get to work on "To Serve The Petal Throne" as well.

I do a lot of miniatures, as you all can see, and that was considered normal, back in the day; we really didn't have a separate genre classification for each sort of game we played - we played in a spectrum of games that ranged from 'pure' miniatures of the classic 'war game' kind, all the way over to nights where it was 'pure' role-playing and Phil just told stories that we contributed some dialog to. We mixed our game types all the time, and that's the way I still game. It's worked for me, over all these years, and I'm delighted to see that other folks are also interested in this kind of thing.

So, here's  a question for all of you:

What do you want to see here? I feel that this is just as much your blog as much as it it mine; it's a way for you to pump information out of my poor old noggin, and I'd love to hear what you think!


In other news, I am getting the shelves in the game room finished; these are the shelves with all the scenery and terrain we use in game sessions, and they have become over-loaded and over-crowded with the passage of time. A few quick cuts with the circular saw, and we're done! Hurrah!


The Missus has been working on getting the new PC up and running; this has the chip sets to enable us to have full interactive video from here at The Workbench, and she's been installing software and hardware for most of the weekend. Until the new computer is up and running, we'll be doing the podcasts from the Bloggie - it works!


And just a little reminder; we're doing an RPG session this coming Saturday, December 14th, and our Annual Holiday Miniatures Game on Saturday, December 28th. I'll do podcasts for each, and we'll have those up on the You Tube channel for you as well.