Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Weekly Update for Sunday, January 19th, 2014 - A Nice Holiday!

The Carlton Hotel in Lucknow;
Phil started his first Tekumel novel, "No Heights of Glory", here, in room 211.
Some of the new figures from Mike Burns;
his next Indiegogo campaign starts February 3rd.
I have a holiday tonight, in honor of Dr. King, and I am looking forward to a night of rest and contemplation. In the meantime...

It's been a tiring week, here at The Workbench; I think I have a minor cold, and have been trying to push fluids and get as much rest as possible. I have been able to answer questions on Google+, and the new PC has been set up to do Google Hangouts.

I have also done pretty substantial upgrades on the home office's computers; the trusty old IMac now has a really good audio system attached, and I can hear things a whole lot better then I used to. I can also do audio and video editing a lot better, so I have hopes of some cool things happening. The Dell PC that handles my Skype links and now the Google+ Hangouts also has been given an audio upgrade, and we have a lot better audio links as the result.

I will be working in the game room tonight for a bit, getting some shelves rearranged and some stuff put away. Nothing too hot or heavy - I need a little time off.


One of the things we've been discussing on Google+ has been the publication history of Phil's novels; I have posted a photo that was very kindly sent to me by a regular reader of the Carlton Hotel in Lucknow, where Phil started "No Heights of Glory", his first Tekumel novel, in the 1950s. I found the fifty-odd pages rolled up in the map tubes when I did an inventory of his Tekumel collection; he'd lost them, at some point...


Mike Burns has announced that he's planning on starting his third Ancient Egyptian Indiegogo campaign on February 3rd, and has posted photos of some of the new figures. I am delighted with the list of some thirty-six figures that he's planning on offering; they will fill in a lot of gaps in my palace staff and townsfolk. I will post more information as soon as I get it.


I've been asked why I want 'civilian' figures like these for my collection; to many gamers, they don't seem very useful at first glance. Well, I like to run games that are a little different then the usual; one game I have always wanted to run is one that we played many years ago out at Phil's - we spent a whole night shopping our way through a city marketplace. We were looking for clues in a mystery, but we spent most of the time just haggling and talking. It was great fun, and I want to do that 'scene' for people.

These figures are also useful for 'party at the clan house',  'reception at the palace', 'a day at the arena', and similar games; I find that miniatures inspire me and kick-start my imagination. I use them to tell my stories - they help me to explore the limits of my vision...