Wednesday, February 5, 2014

On Being Sick, Suffering From Insomnia, And Reaching 100,140 Words Worth Of Text

100,140 words about this guy? Who would have thought!

The bad news is that I have been home sick for the past 36 hours with some sort of stomach bug, which has occasioned many, many trips to The Room Of The Laughing Waters. I finally got some sleep today, and do feel better after pushing lots of fluids and getting a lot of lay-in-bed-and-look-at-the-IKEA-lights time.

Insomnia has been an issue - one can only run down the stairs to The Room Of The Laughing Waters so many times before one simply gives up and stays there, and I managed to use some of the time I was awake and staring at the wall to produce some more text about life with Phil.

I am up to 100,140 words on "To Serve The Petal Throne". If I feel well enough this coming weekend, I shall divide up The One Big Manuscript into the five volumes that comprise the work. I'll post the word counts for each when I'm able to.

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  1. I came across your post through Google alerts. I am afraid that I haven't read anything else from your blog and I am unsure if your insomnia is chronic. I am also about to risk sounding like a man with a hammer who sees everything as a nail! However ...

    Going to the loo a lot can be a sign of sleep apnoea and a £100 oximeter can run a test on this possibility. I have had insomnia for 25 years and I was always running to the loo every 45 minutes while trying to get to sleep. I expect that the hypopnea episodes were causing me to wake up, and then I needed to go to the loo before getting back to sleep. Anyway, I have a thread where I link to the evidence and also post the charts generated by the oximeter. Maybe it will be of use to you, but I apologise if not and your insomnia is just transitory:

    Congratulations on reaching your 100,000 word milestone by the way. I have just started with my site and am a long way of that!