Saturday, March 29, 2014

Project Round-up - March 29th, 2014: "Just what do you really do there, Chirine?"

Proposed page template for "To Serve The Petal Throne" and for
"Advance Standards! Qadardalikoi - The Second Edition"


"To Serve The Petal Throne" - My book about our game session with Prof. Barker, 1976 to 1989. Now at six separate volumes, and at a current word count of 101,225 across the six volumes. Looking for an artist to do the volume covers. Proposed release date: Summer, 2015

"Advance Standards! Qadardalikoi - The Second Edition" - An updated editon of my miniatures rules for Tekumel. In draft only, and in playtest. Video tutorial planned; all color photographs as illustrations. Possible release, 2016

The modular scenery tile system in the storage tubs
Gaming Equipment:

I now have two separate sets of modular table scenery tiles; one set is of 'dry' terrain, and the other 'temperate'. I will be making a 'wet' set this summer, 2014. All of the tiles are a standard 9.5" x 9.5", to work with my stock and standard 30" x 60" tables. All tiles are pre-packed in storage tubs for ready access.

I have four sets of modular vegetation tiles; 'swamp', 'temperate', 'desert', and 'conifer'. With these, I can duplicate any terrain type that Prof. Barker specified for his world.

I have two modular urban terrain sets; one for a town scene, and a second for a City of the Dead necropolis. I will be adding a number of temple buildings in order to have enough scenery to make a small to medium town, and a second medium to large city. I will be building a set of Underworld tiles to make an Underworld table.

I have one rural Sakbe road set completed; this is used on the Anch'ke game table. I have a second, 'large / urban' Sakbe road set in the works.

I am refining and reorganizing the entire miniatures collection to accurately reflect our game play and style.

Pre-set Game Tables:

I have enough terrain and scenery to run up to four large game table at once. These include:

"Saving Serqu's Sisters" - 120" x 60", fully built
"Storming Hekellu" - 60" x 60" to 60" x 120", will be using new city towers
"Attack on Castle Tilketl" - 60" x 120", fully built


  1. I understand that you are planning to publish "To Serve The Petal Throne" as a series of ebooks, have you considered offering a POD option (through Lulu, perhaps) as I'm an old fuddy-duddy who likes to hold a real book when he's reading?

    1. My plan, from the beginning, has been to offer a PoD version of both the book and the rules. We're going to be doing all of the groundwork to make this happen before we release them, so you don't have to. See the photo above; that's the page template that was designed for me by the gifted artist Dave Maggi; he plays in my Tekumel games, and I'm offering him first refusal on the cover and interior illustrations.

      I love 'real' books too; I'd love to have something that I can simply hand people to tell them about our (mis)adventures in Phil's astonishing world-setting. We had an amazing time, and that's what I try to give to people through my games and my books...


    2. Thank you, Chirine. Can't wait to see these tomes.

  2. Your tables are amazing!! It's truly a pity for me not to play in your braunstein games set in Tekumel. Tekumel is my favourite fictional word, but unfortunately living in Poland, makes it very hard to play EotPT.

    1. Thank you! You are very kind to say so - your figures are wonderful! I wish I could paint that well!

      I enjoyed looking at your blogs, too! May I put up links to them?

      As you can tell, I love to put on a 'good show'! Back in the day, we never had things like this, and I find them to be useful to help tell my stories of our adventures in the world of the Petal Throne. I'm really glad you enjoy the pictures - please feel free to have a loot at both my Photobucket page and my YouTube channel for more - there are links off in the left-hand column to get you there.

      Welcome to Tekumel!!! :)

      - chirine

  3. Summer 2015 you say. I'm looking forward to it!