Saturday, March 29, 2014

Project Round-up - March 29th, 2014: "Just what do you really do there, Chirine?"

Proposed page template for "To Serve The Petal Throne" and for
"Advance Standards! Qadardalikoi - The Second Edition"


"To Serve The Petal Throne" - My book about our game session with Prof. Barker, 1976 to 1989. Now at six separate volumes, and at a current word count of 101,225 across the six volumes. Looking for an artist to do the volume covers. Proposed release date: Summer, 2015

"Advance Standards! Qadardalikoi - The Second Edition" - An updated editon of my miniatures rules for Tekumel. In draft only, and in playtest. Video tutorial planned; all color photographs as illustrations. Possible release, 2016

The modular scenery tile system in the storage tubs
Gaming Equipment:

I now have two separate sets of modular table scenery tiles; one set is of 'dry' terrain, and the other 'temperate'. I will be making a 'wet' set this summer, 2014. All of the tiles are a standard 9.5" x 9.5", to work with my stock and standard 30" x 60" tables. All tiles are pre-packed in storage tubs for ready access.

I have four sets of modular vegetation tiles; 'swamp', 'temperate', 'desert', and 'conifer'. With these, I can duplicate any terrain type that Prof. Barker specified for his world.

I have two modular urban terrain sets; one for a town scene, and a second for a City of the Dead necropolis. I will be adding a number of temple buildings in order to have enough scenery to make a small to medium town, and a second medium to large city. I will be building a set of Underworld tiles to make an Underworld table.

I have one rural Sakbe road set completed; this is used on the Anch'ke game table. I have a second, 'large / urban' Sakbe road set in the works.

I am refining and reorganizing the entire miniatures collection to accurately reflect our game play and style.

Pre-set Game Tables:

I have enough terrain and scenery to run up to four large game table at once. These include:

"Saving Serqu's Sisters" - 120" x 60", fully built
"Storming Hekellu" - 60" x 60" to 60" x 120", will be using new city towers
"Attack on Castle Tilketl" - 60" x 120", fully built