Monday, March 3, 2014

The Weekly Update ( A Day Late, Sorry!) for Monday, March 3rd, 2014 - Recovering

I'm getting steam back up, and getting back on-line...

First off, thank you everyone who e-mailed, posted, or left comments for me; your best wishes were very welcome, and very appreciated! Isolated as I am by my work schedule, it's always good to hear from people - this is your blog, as much as it is mine.

I am recovering from what was a 'low-pressure excursion', which means that my blood pressure dropped below the 'human normal' range for a while. I'll spare you the clinical details, but it basically means that my brain starts to shut down and I need to get horizontal for a day or so. I got pretty dehydrated as well, due to the cold weather, and I have to be careful about this; I have to keep my fluid intake / output ratio within a pretty narrow range, in order to avoid both this low-pressure event and the infinitely more dangerous high-pressure version. The latter can lead to blowing a blood vessel, and we'd like to avoid that.

Be that as it may, I am doing better; the warming trend here in the Twin Cities is also helping, as it looks like we've finally had the extremely cold weather break.

With that weather report, here's the highlights for the past week for your amusement...


Mike Burns' "Ancient Egyptian Indiegogo is doing wonderfully well! All of the original stretch goals have been unlocked, and some new ones have been announced. Please have a look, at:

I've been asked why I'm so keen on these figures; it's because they fill a large gap in my collection, and are very useful for games where we need a lot of 'civilian' 'personalities'. These are nice figures, they paint up well, and are a lot of fun.


It being March, I will be doing my annual Tsolyani New Year's Party on the fourth Saturday of this month, as part of the scheduled March 22nd game session. I don't know how much of the usual decor I'll be able to put out, as the storage shed is still buried under two feet of snow; with luck, it'll melt enough to let me get in there.