Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Weekly Update For Sunday, March 16th, 2014 - Interlude

I've got fan-bearers; now I need fans...

I have a whole bunch of stuff to report on, for your amusement...


Howard Fielding, he of The Tekumel Project, has posted a very interesting thread on the Lead Adventure Forum (which I think is a very good forum!) on a possible use of the wonderful Ancient Egyptian Palace figures being done by Mike Burns:

I am planning on doing a similar game, but one taken from an adventure that Yours Truly is writing up in Book Six of "To Serve The Petal Throne"; some Salarvyani assassins attack the palace (For reasons too complex to go into here; it's got to do with the Salarvyani civil war.) and discover that Si N'te's hiring polices for the domestic staff have some - shall we say? - unusual provisions to them...


Jeff Dee, artist and author, has announced that his latest Kickstarter for the production of his "Bethorm" rules for Tekumel will be starting this week. May I suggest using the link in the left-hand column to access his Unigames website, and have a look? I think you might be pleased!


Well-known blogger Dariel Qulogue has done a pair of posts on his blog, Hari Ragat, about Tekumel and how it relates to his own work:

I was first introduced to Dariel's work through Mr. J. Till, he of The Everwayan blog, and I really quite like it. He brings a non-Western viewpoint to RPGs, and his material is excellent!


Also from the blog-o-sphere, long-time Tekumel enthusiast (I don't use the word fan, here, as I think there's a difference in approach; for example, I consider myself to be an enthusiast, not a fan.) Principe dell'Estria has been plugging away on his wonderful blog:

He does some wonderful work; his monograph on Tekumel naval matters is now my standard reference on the subject, and he's done a superb map of the First Imperium which is both scholarly and beautiful. I have provided a link in the left-hand column, and updates appear there as well.


That, I think is everything - oops, wait...

The Ancient Egyptian Indiegogo run by Mike Burns in Leeds just keeps going from strength to strength:

I am really looking forward to these figures - and the game we can do with them!