Monday, April 28, 2014

Saying Goodbye To - April 30th, 2014 - UPDATED on Wednesday morning!

The Sony 'Bloggie' - we're losing the ability to upload live 'casts today.

Today is the last day that my page will be up; due to corporate changes at Skype - i.e., being bought out by Microsoft - the qik video upload service is being discontinued. We will be losing the ability to do live video 'casts from the game room, but we will till be able to do 'tape delay' (as we used to say, in the biz) 'casts via the You Tube channel we have. If you want to see the June 2013 'cast we did from the old FFG Event center, have a look at this link before too much longer:

I have no idea when it will go down; I've had no information. [UPDATE: I think you have until midnight, but no idea in what time zone.]

Now, I should also say that we'll be uploading the June 2013 'casts to the You Tube channel; we keep everything on file, both on hard drives and on CD-Rs. You won't be missing anything, promise.

[UPDATE, on Wednesday morning: The Missus has now gotten all three of the June 2013 Braustein videos up on our You Tube channel for your viewing pleasure. "Game of Thrones" it ain't - I keep my clothes on - but here's the link to get there:

I have also removed the link to qik that used to be in the left-hand column at the bottom; no sense keeping something that doesn't work, I thought...]

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who looked in on the You Tube channel, last week; welcome aboard! Is there anything you'd like me to do, as we get back into doing the 'casts? I slacked off during the winter - I was just too tired out from the extreme cold - but we'd like to get back into doing them for you. So, it's your show - tell me what you'd like to see...