Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Game for the Holiday

A little something for our next game, eh?
(Meso-American 'Temple City Set' by Stonehouse miniatures,
cheap faux Mayan temple bookends by Dave Arneson.)

As you can see, the new game table is working out very well; this table, intended for this weekend's game session, took a whole half-hour to set up, going from blank table to fully-set in no time. The game will be one of my usual 'mini-Braunsteins', with rival groups of Heroic Adventurers trying to explore the Lost Temple Complex and stay alive while finding the Fabled Enormous Treasure of Kahn Ambereen The Splendid.

Why, yes, the temple pyramids are indeed hollow, and full of Dire Perils, Horrible Monsters, and Riches Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

I might also add that I highly recommend the sets of buildings from Stonehouse Miniatures; the temples are all fully modular, fully expandable, and very well molded and painted. They are cast in a very dense polyurethathane foam, and are very sturdy and strong. The stairways, altars, and other details are cast in resin , and of just as high a quality. The link to their website is: