Saturday, May 24, 2014

Game Report - The Lost Temple Complex, Session One

Our intrepid explorers explore the Lost Temple Complex.

The girls from the Temple of Dilinala try a little fireball;
it backfired.

 The Temple of Karakan discovers something unusual.

We did the first session of the Lost Temple Complex 'micro-campaign' today, and a good time was had by all. Our Heroes, parties of explorers from the Temples of Dilinala and Karakan, spent an interesting afternoon poking around the ruins and discovering Mysterious Shafts that led downward. Casualties were light. The two groups finally worked out a partnership, and have retired to get supplies, reinforcements, and ropes. Lanterns are on the shopping last, too.

This is the first session of a 'micro-campaign' where the players will have the chance to fully explore both the surface and the lower levels of the Complex. I've ben asked to run a number of small, 'mini' campaigns were there is a connected 'story arc' that plays out across several game sessions, but is not the kind of long-term, open-ended game campaign that we played out at the Professor's for years.

More photos are going up on the Photobucket page, this evening, for your delight; have a look, if you please!