Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Weekly Update For Sunday, May 11th, 2014 - The New Table Inaugurated!

Terrain tiles and trees in place - we're off and running!

The hottest news in what has been a very busy week is that the new game table - and by extension, the newly revamped game room / lounge - was the scene of our first game on the table and using the newly-redeveloped terrain system. The game surface itself looked very good, I thought; the tiles all fit with some 'drift' on the far edges to spare, and it took about fifteen minutes to set and to strike the game. An additional boon is that I no longer have to 'flip' the entire basement to make room for the game sessions; everything is now set and ready, and pretty much all I have to do is set out the game table and put the chips and pretzels in the bowls on the buffet table over in the lounge space.

It all makes my life much, much easier, and keep my blood pressure down in the safe range.

The next stage of the Ditlana is getting into the area of The Workbench proper, cleaning it off and sorting out all of the tools that I re-discovered when I was cleaning up the game room. I am a fearful collector of tools - which is handy, because it makes projects like this a relative snap! - but I have to make sure to put everything away so I can find it again!


Exciting news from Howard Fielding and The Tekumel Project! He's released the Swamp Folk, and also gotten a new catalog up and on-line. I am delighted; I've been waiting for Swamp Folk for over thirty years, and these look great!!!


I am delighted to announce that the miniatures from Mike Burns' 'Ancient Egyptian Harem Figures' Indiegogo have arrived, and they are really nice. Very crisp, very clean, and full of what I call 'charm'; these figures are perfect for parties at the palace, confrontations at the clan house,  and mayhem in the marketplace! I will get photos of them up for you after I get them painted.


Yesterday's game was Shunned Ones vs. Humans, and quite a romp for everyone. I will have the photos up on my Photobucket page in a little while for you to be amused at. A lot of great playing and sportsmanship, and a fitting 'first outing' for the new table! Thank you, all of you!!!