Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Weekly Update For Sunday, May 25th, 2014 - Changes In The Way I Game

The magic-user flies the casualty to safety

Well! It certainly has been a very busy week, here at The Workbench, and I am really glad to have tonight off for my holiday. The game yesterday was a heap of fun, and I am looking forward to setting up the descent phase of the adventure for the players to marvel at.

The Skype machine is back up and running, and I was on video calls with various folks in Europe today for about seven hours. I'm going to try to be available for more calls, but do e-mail me in advance so that I can make sure that I am available for you.

After some discussions in the game group, there is going to be a shift in focus in how I game; I'm going to be running small 'mini-campaigns', where the players embark on a series of connected adventures over the course of a number of game sessions. The key to this is the new game table and the redone game rooms; instead of having to 'flip' the venue from one use to another, I can now simply set something and leave it up for as long as might be needed. Thus, we can stop in the middle of something if we need to, leave the table set as it is at the point we got to, and then return to it when we have the time.

This also means that I can get back to my normal 'build cycle', where the events of the game session drive what I'm painting or building for the next game session. I've found, in the past, that I work much better this way - 'directed builds' always seem to be much more rewarding for me then simply "oh, well, what shall I do today?" builds.

So, I am going to be going through my archives, and extracting the many 'story arc' campaigns that Phil did with us; he did quite a few of these over the years, and while I am writing about them in my book ("To Serve The Petal Throne") my gamers thought that it would be fun to go back and play them out. Think of it as traveling back in time, if you will.

I plan on taking pictures of the mayhem, and I hope to have the stamina to re-start my series of podcasts about gaming in Phil's creation; my thought, now that we can't do live streaming video, is to record a half-hour podcast before a game session, upload it, and then record some of the game session itself for uploading the same day. It won't be as good as being there, maybe, but at least you'll have the chance to see what antics we get up to in the game room; ultimately, the game group will have to approve any such 'casts, of course.

So, that's where we are, this week; thank you, all of you who commented on the posts this week - I appreciate your interest!!!

Thanks again!