Friday, June 6, 2014

Oh, Joy! Oh, Rapture!! Oh, Bliss!!! - It Really, Really Paid To Get Out Of Bed, This Morning!!!

From 1980, the 25mm version of Chirine's folding deck chair.

From 2014, the full-sized version of Chirine's folding deck chair.

So, The Missus took me out to a late lunch today at IKEA; I love fish and chips, and IKEA has them on Fridays for a whole $1.99 the plate. I stuffed my fat little face, and thought of Great Britain and the Great Western Railway (that's God's Wonderful Railway to lesser mortals.) As is our wont, we checked out the store's 'Returns and Discounts - As Is' section; I get a lot of my raw materials for my models there, like the showcase lights that are illuminating the Underworld for my next game.

I thought I was going to wet myself, I did.

For many, many years in Prof. Barker's Tekumel campaign, we sailed around the oceans of Phil's wonderful creation aboard the ships of that 'honest seafaring merchant' - read 'buccaneer', 'smuggler', 'con artist', 'Artful Dodger' - Captain Harchar of the Clan of the Blazoned Sail; this maritime menace to public order and the economy was played by none other then Dave Arneson, himself, in what was arguably his finest performance as a game player.

There was, it has to be said, very little to do aboard ships for a ranking Military Priest of Lord Vimuhla and so I spent a lot of that time sitting by the rail and watching the waves roll by. As a joke, I made a little 25mm scale deck chair, modeled after a vintage one that my beloved grandparents had lent me on trips to the beaches of Cape Cod. It went over a treat with Dave and Phil, and has become a running joke over the years. (see top photo, if you please.)

The original of my model is long gone, I am sorry to have to say, and I despaired of ever seeing one like it again. Hence the near wetting-of-the-pants moment; the beloved chair is back, reincarnated by the elves who really run IKEA in modern form. For a whole $12.95 - the floor display sample was on special - I have the red-and-white striped version as seem in the lower photo. Now, you too can own a bit of 'pre-school gaming history' if you trot out to your local IKEA, if you happen to have one...