Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Weekly Update For Sunday, June 29th, 2014 - Health News, And The Latest From The Workbench

I still love this get-well card from Howard Fielding!

First off. let me thank all of you who wrote, e-mailed, and commented here about The Missus' biopsy. It's very kind of all of you, and she really appreciated both your kind words and your concern. (So did I, for that matter!)

The procedure went well; because of all her other health issues, any kind of invasive surgical procedure is fraught with potential hazards, many of them life-threatening. The doctors know this, and so were very careful. The prognosis is very good, I am happy to be able to report, and things are looking up. The ultrasound exam on Friday also went well, and some more positive news there as well. She's tired out, as I am, but we're still here.

In my case, the crushed fingers are doing nicely; only the ring finger on the right hand is still swollen up, but I can now feel things with it. I just have to be careful not to bang into it with anything, because then it really smarts!!!

As a result of all this good news - and I suspect, staying away from a number of Internet sites that drive me batty - my blood pressure is down nicely from the highs that it was hitting a number of weeks ago. Progress, progress!


I had my first day of 'retail open hours' yesterday for the scheduled game session, and I thought that it worked very well. I had everything ready in plenty of time, and with very little effort and spike in blood pressure. I'll be doing this every second and fourth Saturday in a calendar month, and I think both this and the idea of the 'micro-campaign' - where there is always a game set on the table, whether RPG or miniatures - is the way I'll be going into the foreseeable future.


I am also getting a lot of the surplus miniature collection out and boxed up; there are  a lot of figures that I've been hoarding, 'just in case', and the time has come to cull the herd. I've been at this for something like forty years, so there are a lot of loose figures to be sorted - it seems like every box I open in the basement has more miniatures in it!

What was I thinking?

Well, I know what I was thinking, back in the day. One never knows what one might need, and I tended to pick stuff up when I saw it, usually at a huge discount; many of those figures never even got a coat of primer, so they are going off to new homes. The rest, I'll be making sure that I have a positive use for in my games, and get them all painted up for your amusement.


I have been asked to elaborate on my 'micro-campaign' concept, and I'll take a run at this for you. The idea is to provide fun games for my players, and for me, and at the same time make sure that I can deal with the busy schedules - both mine and theirs!. So, I have a 'meta-game' going, just like the Professor did in his groups, and players can drop in and out as they can and always find something to play. This isn't a new concept, by the way, nor is it anything I thought up - see that wonderful book, "Setting Up A Wargames Campaign" by Tony Bath, and which is available on Amazon:


Thank you all, once again! More to come!