Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Weekly Update For Sunday, June 8th, 2014 - The Curtains Of Doom!

The new table, with the upper deck in place and the new side curtains.

The new game table is, I am delighted to be able to report, fulfilling all of my expectations for it. Both as a piece of furniture - the gamers report that it is more comfortable to sit around and easier to work with in games - and as a 'display system' for my miniatures. The game table for the forthcoming adventure in the Lost Temple Complex is all set and ready to go; I now have the option of setting the games at my own pace, and in my own time.

It's wonderful.

The top deck of the thing is a sheet of MDF hardboard, usually referred to by the trade name "Masonite" here in these former ornaments of the Crown, and can be swopped out for a transparent Plexiglass sheet of the same size for underwater games. The folks over at The Lead Adventure Forum have put me onto a source of printed photo mats of ocean bottoms, and I'll have to look into these. The upper deck is fitted out with some IKEA showcase lights - the 120 volt kind, not the 12 - 24 volt low voltage ones - and these in turn are on a dimmer so I can fade the Underworld in and out as needed.

I also took some spare black felt from stock - yes, we do have stocks of just about everything here; we used to do stage and show production, and we have lots and lots of very useful stuff in the inventory - and cut it into long curtains. These are based on the Japanese 'noren' doorway curtains; a wide strip of fabric at the top with narrower individual strips hanging down. The idea is that these curtains act as what we used to call in theater 'modesty panels', which keep things out of view of the casual observer. In this case and application, they screen the Underworld from the prying eyes of those pesky player-characters, and provide for both a degree of hidden movement and easy access to the lower regions of the game.

I am, I have to say, very pleased with the whole system; between the table itself and the plastic storage bins of scenery and terrain, running games has never been easier!!!



I am adding a new website to the "Where I Get Things" list over in the left-hand column. Mike Burns, who has been running a series of Indiegogo campaigns to fund his line of Ancient Egyptian palace miniatures, now has his own website and attached webstore:

This is a super little site; he has photos of all his figures painted up, and they look really good. I have been delighted with these miniatures, and I am having a lot of fun getting them all painted.

Have a look, if you please; I think you'll be delighted!