Monday, August 11, 2014

And Now, A Word From The Missus

Over on her Facebook page, The Missus has updated her status:

 "Those who know me know that I am not comfortable in the spotlight.  I much prefer staying in the background and helping put on the show, not star in it.  Now I feel I must step up on a soapbox and tell all of my female friends to make sure they get their annual mammogram.  I almost didn't get one this year, and that might have been a fatal mistake.  Yep, after my mammogram this year, I was told they'd discovered calcium deposits in my left breast and I needed a follow-up mammogram and ultrasound.  After determining that the calcium was considered "microcalcifications" I had to get a biopsy.  The finding was "ductal carcinoma in situ" or DCIS.  The surgeon considers this a "pre cancerous" condition.  This is good because it is localized and probably has not spread.  Had I waited a year, the outcome would not be as good.  The treatment is surgery to remove the affected tissue (a lumpectomy), then radiation therapy.  I have the surgery this week, then have to heal before starting radiation.  Needless to say, I won't be skipping any mammograms in the future!  Finally, on a different note, RIP Robin Williams.  I know all too well how crippling depression can be, and can only hope that the publicity surrounding Robin's death will make others get help before they contemplate suicide."

Thank you, my sweet.