Saturday, October 25, 2014

Help Needed With A Dilemma!

We have all of the FASA sets,
as well as the GW plastic Daleks and cybermen

We have all six boxes of these figures;
we also have the two Superior figures

Gentle Readers, we have a dilemma of some concern brewing here at The Workbench, and The Missus and I could use your advice and help!

A long time ago, and far, far away...

The Missus is a very big Doctor Who fan from waaay back - she was a friend of Anthony Ainley - and so as a gift many years ago I got her the entire set of FASA Dr. Who figures in their little TARDIS boxes. These still live in their boxes; they have never been painted, and were opened once when she looked at them when I gave them to her.

She is also a very big "Elfquest" fan, too; if she hasn't got it from the various publications and such, it ain't worth getting. Because I am a sentimental old softie, and was friends with the folks at Ral Partha back in their heyday, I got her a complete set of of all six boxes of these figures. These are still with their original boxes, leaflets, and packing material; the only thing that The Missus got done with these before her health went in the bucket was to give the figures a coat of Heritage flat white acrylic brush-on primer. Otherwise, they are in perfect condition, as are the FASA figures.

So, here's our issue: What do we do with these? She would like to keep them, as she has a lot of very fond and happy memories attached to them, but we're a little unhappy with the idea that they are languishing in their boxes - and have been for the better part of twenty-five years!

Should I strip off the primer and simply store the figures?

Should I paint the figures for her - they'll wind up in a display case, mostly - and see about getting them out for a spin occasionally?

The Missus will never be able to paint them - she's just not able to do that kind of thing any more - and I don't know if my late 1970s painting style will do them justice. We can't afford a professional painter, so that option seems to be a non-starter.

Suggestions? Comments? Ideas? Anything? :)