Thursday, October 23, 2014

On the News from Ottawa, Canada - October 22nd and 23rd, 2014

By Bruce MacKinnon,  of and in today's Halifax Chronicle Herald


  1. I found this image on the web yesterday, and it really pulls at my heart strings. I was born in Canada, a quarter total of my family are Canadians, and my family is quite close to many of them. I live in Washington state and folks here give a lot of guff to Canadians.Maybe this make them realize we have a great deal more in common with our neighbors. I had family from both countries fight in both world wars and I remember their sacrifices and honor them for it. i work with a lot of veterans and this image pretty much spells out how soldiers always take care of their own. Sorry to run on, but the events of the 22nd and 23rd shocked me pretty severely.

  2. No; please don't be sorry. Thank you for your wonderful comment, and your kindness in sharing it with all of us here at The Workbench.

    Yeah, I saw this yesterday as well - CNN had it on, during their coverage, and I just lost it. I posted it here last night, right before I went to work for the night, as I thought it said everything I could say and so much more. I've got more then a few Canadians that I'm proud to call my friends, and I just didn't know what to say; I feel like I did after the London bombings.

    And I really lost it this morning, after I saw the photos of the murdered Corporal taken by various visitors to the Memorial just moments before the attack. I will not post them here; I just can't.

    If I may, may I suggest watching the pool feed footage from the sitting of the House of Commons:

    That is the face of a very brave and very humble man.

    Dwight, thank you for your comment - and thank you for caring so much, too!

    yours, chirine