Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Twenty-Five Month Update - Two Years And A Month After 'The Incident'

It still itches, especially when it's cold outside...

The Missus is off to get her first run at her radiation therapy today; she has her new aiming point tattoos, and is getting ready for the 'sunburn' she's expected to get. In the meantime, she pointed out that I missed the two-year 'anniversary' of The Incident -

- and all I could say was that we've been a trifle busy hereabouts. "Get thee to the keyboard," she replied sternly...

So, here we are; twenty-five months later, and I have been in the 'human normal' range for about a year now. I am moving a little more slowly, and I have a lot less energy and stamina, but I am still here; we are not complaining, you understand!

And where are we? Well, let's have a little look behind the scenes, shall we?

I am steaming away on my book about our adventures with Phil on all those Thursday Nights; we are looking at six volumes, at this point, each with what's looking to be about 50,000 words per volume. Some have complained about the size and length of the thing - all I can say is that we played every Thursday night out at Phil's for four to six hours for over a dozen years. That's fifty-two weeks a year, times four hours a night, times fourteen years. I took notes or made recording of the game sessions, and I have - at a minimum! - 2,912 hours of 'face time' with Phil in his world. There is a lot of ground - and ocean! - to cover, so the word count is going to be kinda long.

Mind you, I will be providing a very detailed index, as well as a section numbering system to make it easy for Tekumel fans to look things up. I will not be doing footnotes, because they'll interfere with the flow and pacing of the stories of our adventures, but you will get notes at the end of the volumes keyed to the adventures so you can use them for your games. What you will be getting is a sort of 'time machine' that I hope will take you back in time to when we first explored the world of the Petal Throne, and we hope you'll enjoy the ride.

And no, there will be no 'rules' or 'stats' in the book, either. I assume, Gentle Readers, that you are both smart enough and skilled enough to do this kind of thing for yourselves and for your favorite set of rules. I am simply telling you what happened to us in Phil's world, and how he viewed his creation.

We're still working out how we'll get all this to you; more about this when I know more, myself!

The size and shape of this project are having an effect - a good one, I hope! - on my other activities. I am painting like a madman, when I have the time, and having a lot of fun doing pretty much the same thing as when I was painting for Phil. I am having a lot of fun painting up the people you'll meet in the book, as I now have the figures for them. I am also looking at building a lot of the 'sets' from our adventures - many of the places and things we saw are very good for models, because that's the way Phil saw things - and sharing those with you as I get them built. I enjoy taking photos of our adventures, and I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do.

Games sessions, here at The Workbench,  will feature our adventures as scenarios, and I am hoping that people will enjoy our adventures - the "Storming Hekellu" game went over a treat, for example. I don't think I will be doing many big games in 'public venue', anymore; I simply get too tired out moving everything to the site and setting it up to be able to run the game, and unless I can get help with the logistics I am not going to be able to handle the stress and strain of doing things like I used to - I simply have to be realistic, these days!

As part of telling you our stories, we're getting the Skype / Google+ hardware working in the game room, as The Missus's health allows. I'll keep you posted on that, as well, and we're hoping to get back in the swing of doing You Tube shows for you. So, lots and lots happening - watch this space! :)

Thanks again for visiting us!


  1. Well as usual I can't wait to see, read, and hear about what's coming up!

    1. Thank you! I will keep you posted as best I can!

      - chirine

  2. I can think of better ways of getting a sunburn... but maybe not so useful. Better health to you both!

    As far as the folks that think your series is too long - they must not be Wheel of Time fans!

    1. Hah! True - I'd love to be getting a sunburn on a nice warm beach!

      Agreed with your comment, too; the thing will be as long as it's going to be; we had a lot of adventures!

      - chirine

  3. Good to have you still around, sharing stories, Jeff! Here's to the next 25 months, and the next...