Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Weekly Update For Sunday, October 19th, 2014 - Hard Radiation, Hello Kitty, and Halloween Shopping

Do a Google search. You'll laugh your head off.

You get them at the 'after-halloween' sales.
I'm both cheap and lazy.

The Missus has had her first two doses of hard radiation, and has 19 sessions with the radiation therapy people left. No ill effects noted, for which I am grateful. We will beat this thing.


'Hello Kitty' turns forty, this week. I find this hugely amusing!


One of my 'big projects' that I am finally getting back to, after much too long, is my large set of Sakbe road sections. I actually have two Sakbe roads (which may say something about me right there!), and this is the fourteen-foot-long version; the smaller, which you can see in the photos of the Battle of Anch'ke on my Photobucket page, is only about ten feel long and is far less grand. I built it specifically for the game scenario, and it's in storage for now.

The 'long' set is made up of six 'road' sections, with a large tower section; there are ramps to get on and off the thing, as well as two of the smaller 'interval' towers. The biggest part of this project is the cutting of the merlons and embrasures on the walls - there are a lot of them! Since I normally work in extruded polystyrene foam for things like this - the usually-encountred white expanded poly styrene 'beadboard' is just not structurally sound for things this big - it cuts very easily. I am lazy, though, so instead of marking out all those little battlements I simply cut a wooden template to the size and shape I wanted the foam to wind up as, and then went out with The Missus to do a little shopping.

The net result is found in the 'seasonal' sections of crafts stores and other places that have 'Halloween merchandise sections'; a very handy battery-powered reciprocating saw that cuts through the foam like it was soft butter. So, all I have to do is slide the template up to the foam wall, switch on the little saw, and the thing does all the work. And makes nice clean cuts, too!

Now, I should mention that timing is very important, here. Shopping for seasonal merchandise before the holiday will get you what you want, but cost more; after the holiday, you have to move fast to take advantage of the sale prices, but you have to move before the store pulls the unsold inventory off the shelves.


Along the same lines, I have been able over the past five years to build up quite a nice forest of really good-looking trees by haunting the 'after holiday sales' at the turn of the year. There are several lines of 'Christmas village' buildings and accessories, and you can get some of the most amazing stuff after the holidays are over. I've gotten trees, rivers, stone wall sets, ponds, and entire hills from these lines, and all at very good prices; one just has to look, and know what one wants for one's games. Admittedly, you do get some 'snow' on the items; but, this can either be rinsed off - in the case of 'hard' objects - or concealed with a spritz of tempera paint from a spray bottle in the case of trees and the like.

It's all about your imagination, and thinking 'outside the box'... :)