Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Weekly Update for Sunday, October 26th, 2014 - The Perfect Player-character Movie?

You have to see it to believe it. Trust me, on this.

It has not been all that happy a month, here at The Workbench. There's been the news from Ottawa, one of my good friends in the UK passing away, another struck down with a severe stroke, and the sad news that one of my former gamers here at The Workbench passed away recently after a long illness.

Mind you, there has been good news: The Missus has finished her first two weeks of hard radiation treatments, and I am still alive - my blood pressure is always an issue. To help with this latter, I have closed several Internet accounts, including my Facebook account - I never use it, and it generated a lot of messages to my e-mail in-box that I have to delete.

I have also finally finished digging out the back corners of the game room, and cleaned out all of the ancient oddities that had accumulated in there over the past decade and a half of gaming. Things are now much more organized - and accessible!!!

I had a good game day, yesterday; the gamers came by, and we had our long-delayed Saturday Matinee Double Feature. On the bill was the immortal "Alexander Nevsky" - always a great time - and the very odd, very rare, and very unusual "The Adventures Of Hajji Baba". If you want to know what the pace and game play was like with Phil and Dave, this movie is it. You'll have to really work to find it, though; it's very hard to find!!!

With your indulgence, that'll be it for this update. I do have a lot of really cool projects going, which are cooking along nicely, but it's time to get on Skype and talk to the girls in Zurich...

More later on this week! Thanks again for your time and patience!